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Dentist in Los Angeles


At Century City Dentistry in Los Angeles, we are always finding new ways to make our services safer and more efficient. Digital sensors capture detailed x-ray images with a fraction of the exposure found in traditional film x-rays.

Technological advancements in x-ray technology provide multiple benefits, from safety to improved treatment results.


  • Safety: Although traditional dental films require minimal radiation for image development, our digital x-ray system provides unsurpassed safety: up to 90% reduction in radiation compared to older film-based systems.

  • Time Saving: Images captured instantly with a digital sensor lessen the time you spend in the dental chair.

  • Better Outcomes: Improved image clarity increases our doctor's ability to diagnose and treat conditions.


At Century City Dentistry in Los Angeles, we always strive to provide the most comfortable and efficient care. Intra-oral imaging gives you a detailed view of your mouth in pictures and videos in a matter of seconds.


Putting specific problem areas onto a computer screen lets Dr. Zarrin Golshani see with clarity and detail that’s not possible with a traditional mouth mirror. Hand-held wands quickly capture the details of your teeth and gums. In fact, even small cracks that often lead to broken teeth appear vividly with the click of a button. Dr. Zarrin Golshani can explain the need for treatment more clearly by showing you what we see in great detail.

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