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At Century City Dentistry in Los Angeles, we believe in delivering quality dental care.

Sometimes, depending on the extent of a cavity or the size of the space needing to be restored, a filling may not be the best treatment option and instead an inlay may be a better option. Other times, when the preparation requires more coverage, an onlay may be the best option. When we consider the options to preserve even a single broken tooth, we take a conservative approach. Fortunately, modern dental materials allow us to rebuild teeth to full function while maintaining as much natural tooth structure as possible.

Sometimes teeth suffer damage because of normal function over time, cavities, heavy bite forces, and trauma. While teeth may need to be fully “capped” with a dental crown, some smaller fractures can be perfectly restored with an onlay. A crown requires a little more tooth preparation, but onlays allow the unbroken portions of a tooth to be left uncut.

When a conservative choice fits your treatment plan, Dr. Zarrin Golshani may suggest an inlay or onlay over a full coverage crown.

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